Renmark to Pimba(a night at Spud’s) then on to Coober Pedy


Where’s Dougal?

We headed off at a reasonable time from Renmark and head towards our next night stay. We traveled through to Morgan, which was supposed to be a highlight.Last time through here we stopped at the bakery and well we ended up killing 45 min with nice fare and reasonable coffee. On this occasion it was a little disappointing.Very ordinary coffee. Di has decide that her goal this time around is to rate the coffee stops. This one got a crap score. On to Crystal brook which was a surprise it is an old town and the architecture was a good example of the 1900’s and we spent a little time looking around.

Sunrise at Spuds

 Jezzabelles called us for lunch and it was a nice surprise. From Crystal brook it was pretty much a drive to Pimba, through Port Pirie and Port Augusta. Pimba is on the junction of the Stuart Hwy and the Woomera Rd and “Spud’s” is on the corner. Spuds is a roadhouse with a huge area at the side were you can camp for a gold coin donation. It was packed with campers, motorhomes, 5th Wheelers and caravans. It is on a dust bowl with rocks as a base. My brain was thinking “jesus christ are we going to stay here?” while my face said ” this could be a great experience”. It had hot showers and toilets so that at least was a start.


Spuds Roadhouse Pimba
We made it!!!!

As it turned out it wasn’t too bad and we slept well (by our standards). Next morning we rose and set of on on the next leg to Cooder Pedy which was pretty uneventful. We stopped at Glendambo for coffee (Di’s Rating good – instant coffee but honest fare and friendly people). The country side is extremely green and I think we have been lucky to come up here at this time as I think its probably a rare sight. Into Coober Pedy we went. Early days but I like the place (esthetically it probably is not) but it has a character I would like to under stand a bit more. Funny story we were looking for somewhere to eat and went into the place which had on the sign opals and restaurant. I asked the proprietor what he could recommend for lunch, answer: I have a few leftovers in the fridge. At this point my face betrayed me with a look of surprise – “left overs I thought this was a restaurant” was my rather inadequate reply. Proprietor ” What gave you that idea” Me: “Umm the sign out the front.” Proprietor: “Nope we just sell opals – could eat them but not very nutritious”. Anyway we ended up having a conversation about opals and he gave us some samples of “colour” for the grand kids.

Where’s Dougal?

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