Still in Swan Hill

So we are still in Swan Hill and as I said earlier our plans are fluid but with the way things are going we have decided to head back home. We will leave Swan Hill Sunday and follow the silo trail back to Avoca where we will stay a couple of nights to catch up with my niece and her new baby. Then it will be on to home for a while. We hope things will settle enough for us to head out again maybe late August early September. Who knows with things the way they are. Not to worry I have a bit to keep me occupied – redo our laundry, get use to my new camera and find a new set of wheels. I have done a bit of fishing which I haven’t done for a while – guess I should get a licence. Its been good backed up to the mighty Murray and quite cathartic and we have a resident family of ducks with 5 young who potter around the caravan most days and provide a bit of light relief with their antics. Our days have been mainly coffee, walks and sitting in the sun (when its out). My travel blog this time hasn’t been all that exciting but I might start putting some of my photos up to relieve the boredom. I had a bit of a run out to Pental Island then back along the Murray to Swan Hill actual got into low range as there was bit of mud and slush and a couple of water crossings. Will have to clean the mud of the car now before I sell it.

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