Well that’s the end of the trip as short as it was back home and now in lock down. Not looking good for Pt Douglas I am thinking.

Well we are doing a bit of out back camping (out in the back yard) for next 6 weeks. Not a bad site we have a fire pit, a family of geese and a couple of echidnas.😷😷😷😩😫😳😳😳😡😡😡

Well went for a walk in the local (next to camp site) forest. The walk took a while came back and someone has parked next to us. I hope their not noisey. On my walk came across a wood cutter, asked what he was doing – cutting wood he said. This conversation wasn’t going far so asked Dave the wood cutter why he was cutting wood, because he was a wood cutter was the answer. Figured Dave was a man of few words so I moved on. Meet some funny people on your travels

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