Friday – Too far away

Well it’s definitely count down time – a bit like the old shearer’s wife’s lament. Friday too tired, Saturday too drunk, Sunday too far away. Well for us it’s Friday too far away.
Below is the route for the outbound journey and we will be taking 3 days which will give us a bit of time to investigate for future trips. I have had a close eye on the weather in “the pound” and, well, it’s all a bit pleasant really. They have had a little rain and showers so some of the tracks may be interesting but that’s half the fun.
Peter (brother) has been preparing his new van (should have brought a semi by the sounds of what he is packing). It hasn’t had a shake down run so the “pound” trip will be it which should be interesting. Janyce is pretty much ready now after the reno’s. 15 minutes to pack and were done.
Gaz is pretty much right (other member of tagalong tours). He is heading off Saturday so he will be doing the out bound a bit quicker than us. For Martin I will include a photo, shortly, of the finished kitchen including the tinsmith job I did on the stove top.
Bring on Friday

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