Day one – Rain

Day one of Tagalong tours epic journey and as our two brave souls left the relative comfort of home we reflected on life and its vagrancies. It pissed down raining, hardly let up and the old van we have discovered has a few leaks. But we will soldier on through the wind (head on, side on and up my bum) all the way to Wodonga. We noticed a bit of blue sky about 20 kms south of Wodonga and we rejoiced. A mite premature I might say got drowned unhooking the van. Ah well we have started our holiday and that’s all that matters. The wind and the rain have gone at the moment so we will hopefully have a restful and quiet night. We also have been told the highway could be cut or at least partially closed north of Albury. I have put up a photo of us at Wodonga just before I got drowned – again. Oh the joy.

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