Day 21 Pemberton to Walpole – Breakfast Treats

Today is another “travel” day from Pemberton to Walpole not a huge distance about 130kms all up. We had been discussing with Laura the merits of a trip to the berry farm and well last minute decision we decided to pack and have breakfast at Lavender and berry farm. So we hooked up and headed off.


Plants around the Berry and lavender farm 

Plants around the Berry and lavender farm

 What can I say other than it was a fantastic little interlude to the start of the days trip. Apart from the scrumptious mixed berry pancakes with berry sauce and ice cream the surrounds, gardens and the beautiful day made it just a great start. We opted for the small size, thank god, the large one would have fed a small nation. As we partook of our fare we were visited by fairy wrens with a large variety of colour and a friendly bandicoot which popped in and out as we ate. It was a fitting end to Pemberton as we quite liked the place. After that it was pretty much a straight drive to Walpole. We had been given the heads up on a nice park to stay at, right on the river feeding into Nornalup inlet.. At the moment its ok a bit run down but the site fees reflect that but wouldn’t like to be here during the high season. You would never get near the one toilet/shower block. In that vein I’m not sure what it is with our body clocks that says when you age starts to get into the 50’s your bladder will shrink and it will be necessary to go to the dunny at least once or twice during the night. I mean there can be no other reason for it – I don’t drink any more than I used to, in fact I probably drink less. And then you get up in the morning enjoy your morning coffee and start heading off, you guessed it that’s the trigger your brain says “toilet time” 45 minutes later were on the road and I have to go again. I guess I have raised this cause we are in caravan parks and the need to go in the wee small hours (no pun intended) requires a sprint of some distance. I wonder what 60 will bring?

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