Day 2 Renmark to Peterborough

We woke to another nice day although it was pretty cold over night. We had a couple of resident ducks out side our door looking for a feed and embracing conversation – they got neither  fair chance would have the other million and half of their relatives who call this part of the river home arrive on the door step as well. We made our way via the Cadell Ferry to Morgan for morning smoko. The ferry is free and if you have time is just something a little different to driving down the highway. Morgan was a quaint little town and very RV friendly. We stopped and had a cuppa and chat to a host of fellow caravaners and travellers, none of which – including us seemed to be in any great hurry to move on. But we said our good byes and headed off for Peterborough. The road was really good and the k’s went quickly enough to ??? after that the road deteriorated for the next 60 kms to Peterborough.  We made it here about 1pm, set up camp and headed into town to the Big Blue I (information centre). Peterborough is an old railway town with a lot of its character and culture centred on that. The information centre is set up in an old rail carriage which has been wonderfully restored and the couple on duty were very helpful although thing must be a bit slow around here when you get excited about someone signing the visitors book “Peter Burrow”.  We decide to visit the steam museum first and to check out the sound and light show they run in the evening. We have decided to do that tonight. Next we went to Dragon’s Rest Gardens apparently named because of all the bearded dragons that populate the garden. We didn’t see any and were a little disappointed with the gardens but then our expectations may have been all wrong. The lady owner was certainly a bucket full of knowledge on the local flora and fauna. Peterborough seems very RV friendly although there is only one small van park.

This trip we have a tom tom to assist with the navigation, as those who read our last travel  blog will know on occasions I have been know to become geographically challenged. I am not sure this is a good thing cause I am unconvinced the brain and the voice in the unit are actually connected or really know the way to go. I feel this is a developing story and reckon by the end of the trip I will be hoping she elopes or something.
The photo on left is a garden setting carved from local timber by the owner at the gardens and photo above right is looking south from the caravan park. Don’t forget “Dougal”

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