Day 1 Bendigo to Renmark

Well the journey has started and we got away pretty much on time. There isn’t much to say today it was mainly driving. The roads were reasonable, although in places they have or are breaking up. The best road was between Redcliffs and Werrimul no traffic to speak of and the road was in good nick. We had morning tea at Nullawill and there is photo  for Faye. Lunch at Redcliffs and a walk around Big Lizzie then off again. Big Lizzie is a mammoth machine used in the mallee to clear land for irrigation and farming. It’s got its own blacksmith shop in the front section. The wheel arrangements are ingenious to say the least. Top speed about 2 kph. We must belong to some secret club or sect because I have noticed, not for the first time, that when a van, motor home or basically anyone towing some form of mobile accommodation passes us in the opposite direction we get the raised forefinger. Now I have looked all over the car and the van I can’t find anything that would cause this to happen. Somewhere out there is the raised forefinger club which, somehow, I have become a member of. Di tells me they are gust being polite and waving. Personally I’m not sure for all I know they could be giving me the big “L”.

Today’s photos are of us by the road enjoying a cuppa char, big lizzie and the view from our van. Don’t forget kiddies “Where’s Dougal?”

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