Burra to Alice Springs

After our 2 night sojourn at Burra Gaz was feeling a little better. So we decided to press on – may have not been out best decision as it blew an absolute gale from the time we left until we arrived a Glendambo. We had 50 to 70khm winds all the way and for most of it side or head on. It was a shit of a trip. For the most part I was in 4th gear and watching the fuel gauge heading south at a rapid rate. Thank god for long range tanks but 480kms and 90 something ltrs of diesel I was pretty happy to put down stumps for the night. Glendambo is basically a roadhouse/pub/camping/motel and we were happy to see it. We spent a pleasant evening in front of a very nice open fire and a drink to end the evening and few prayers the wind would go away.

Next morning we woke to no wind and the sun shining, what a difference a day makes and it was on the road again to Marla for the night. The amount of road kill was incredible and we saw quite a number of wedge tail eagles. These majestic birds are just amazing but a few had been hit and killed because they feed on the road kill and aren’t quick enough to get of the road. Not much to report except no wind. Marla we are well acquainted with, and very little exciting to talk about. We were looking forward to dinner in the restaurant as in the past these have proven to be pretty good. We left a little disappointed this time round but at least we didn’t have to cook.

We left around 8.30 next morning for Alice Springs with a stop for lunch at Stuart Wells which was enjoyable and arrived in Alice about 2.30ish, booked in and set up now we can relax for a little bit.

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