Bendigo to Burra

Well we are on our way at last. I have made the comment a few times I reckon my last words on this earth will be “Well that didn’t go as planned” and so it was. I guess it’s all part of the adventure but the adventure part could have waited a few more days and let us ease into it.

Before we left home, in fact the night before, I noticed the battery in the van was well down not good when it’s been on charge for over a week and with solar as well. Outcome stuffed battery and a delay in getting away while I went and got a replacement and fitted it.

Finally we hit the road with first night to be Murrayville. We also hadn’t decided on our “theme” for this trip so we have decided we are going to rate caravan parks on a scale of 1 to 10. We made our way up through Charlton with a coffee stop at Bridgewater and lunch at Sealake, then on to Murrayville. Pretty uneventful and some new country from Ouyen on for us. Still reasonably dry but crops are starting to come through.

Murrayville is quaint, small town and nice little van park with an honesty box system. Toilets are aging but clean and neat. Freezing overnight and we are looking forward to some warmer weather as we move north.

As we set of from Murrayville on our next leg to Burra the sun broke through. Reasonable short trip today and we have found out that Gaz and Shaz stayed at Sealake last night so they are not far behind and will meet us at Burra. Morning coffee at Loxton and then across some familiar territory to Morgan for lunch. This has been one of our favourites for lunch, morning or afternoon teas and still has some really good fare and is a magnet for travellers. There is pretty much always someone there to strike up a conversation with about their life on the road. It is a bit of an experience if you come across on either the Cadell or Morgan ferries but this time we went the more direct route by road.

Burra loomed over the horizon about 2.30ish so we made good time and settled into the caravan park to wait for the rest of the travellers. Burra is a nice old place and a lot has been done to maintain and use the old buildings around the town. Many have been turned into accommodation and with the history of the place, are well used. Apparently Burra, and in particular the mining around these parts saved SA from going bankrupt in the late 1800 early 1900, or so I’m told. Gaz has taken crook so we are here for at least another day which is no great issue. Little caravan park here backs onto a creek and is really pleasant but bloody freezing today with a lazy wind blowing straight through us.

Our mascot this trip will be the Eveready person (notice politically correct undertones)

Sunset over Murrayville
Anglican Church Murrayville
2/3 of the Tagalong tours Team
Tree Burra SA
Burra Town Hall
Some of the beautiful old structures around Burra
Burra copper mine ruins
Burra copper mine pit
Burra copper mine
A new source of energy

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